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Plastic Bag
Aluminum foil bag(0)
Beverage packaging(0)
Biodegradable bag(43)
Black & White opaque plastic film(0)
Cigar bag(0)
Clip closure handle bag(0)
Colloidal tube handle bag(0)
Compostable bag(0)
Compound bag(0)
Courier, Express, Mailer plastic bag(0)
CPE / PEVA / EVA bag(0)
CPE double layers string bag(0)
Curved face blank film(0)
Curved face color film(0)
Degradable bag(0)
Die-cut handle carrier bag(0)
Draw string bag & Flexible bag(0)
Drawstring gift bag(1)
Embroidery water soluble film(0)
Express / Mailing bag(0)
Flexible loop handle bag(0)
Food bag(0)
Head card bag(0)
Heat seal bag(0)
Home & Gardenning(4)
Hook bag(0)
Inner packing water-soluble film(0)
Irregular shaped bag(0)
Laminated plastic bag(0)
Laminated zipper closure bag(0)
LDPE envelope & Adhersive bag(0)
Loop handle bag(0)
Nap-lock handle bag(0)
Opp / Bopp bag(0)
Outer packing water-soluble film(0)
Patch handle carrier bag(0)
PE zipper lock bag(0)
PE, PO, PP and OPP bag(39)
Pet waste bag(0)
Plastic hook bag(0)
Plastic table cloth(0)
Punch hole handle bag(0)
PVA water soluble bag(0)
PVA water soluble film(0)
PVA water transfer film(0)
PVC & PU Voltage bag(0)
PVC flat bag(0)
PVC tube handle carrier bag(0)
PVC tube handle wine bottle bag(0)
Reclosable bag(0)
Retail plastic bag(38)
Ribbon handle gift bag(0)
Rope handle carrier bag(0)
Rope handle gift bag(0)
Rope handle wine bottle bag(0)
Self Sealing bag(0)
Self-adhesive bag(0)
Soft CPE drawstring handle bag(0)
Soft loop handle carrier bag(0)
Special shaped plastic bag(0)
Strap handle carrier bag(0)
Vacuum bag(0)
Zip lock bag(0)
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